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Harry Yuklea


More than half a century ago my parents, both Holocaust survivors, ignited that magic spark called life. Without it, this Web site wouldn't be ever created.  Since "life is what happens to us while we are busy doing other things", I try to make mine as enjoyable and constructive as possible, by exploring  and continuously enriching my life experience. Whenever possible, I gladly share my knowledge and expertise with anyone asking for it.


I have few believes, but strong principles:


  • My relations with God are excellent: I don't interfere in His business and he doesn't interfere in mine.

  • At the end, the real cause of major human tragedies, like wars and poverty, is a cultural handicap not a natural constraint.

  • In essence, social evolution is driven by the endless effort to improve human communications. Since these are imperfect by construction, societies will change for ever.

  • The most important gift human beings received from the GOD, or the NATURE, is the right to choose and the duty to exercise this right.

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