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Harry Yuklea

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Romania, 1953

1977 - MSEE, Technical University Iasi

1997 - MSM, Boston University

2007 - PhD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

An academic and practitioner at once, I have been directly involved for the last 40 years in the remarkable build-up process of the Israeli high-tech sector, my career evolving from R&D and engineering to marketing, management and investment. My professional career continuously interweaves with my academic career.


My career as Electronics Engineer started in 1977, with the graduation of the Technical University of Iasi, Romania. I spent the first ten years in R&D and Engineering, followed by various marketing and business, then executive management positions, as well as a policy design adviser to the Israeli National Economic Council, the Israeli Chief Scientist Office and various international and foreign government agencies. In 2016 I co-founded QCII, which I continue to lead till these days.

A sample of old Business Cards would point out some milestones during the over 40 years long professional journey, which still continues.  


On the academic track I hold visiting scholar positions at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Michigan State University. My intellectual mentor and subject of admiration, but also a good friend and carrying fellow is Prof. Eugen Kandel. I owe him, in the first place, the decision to start the PhD at age of 50, and the motivation to withstand the academic requirements of the program without hesitations.


My detailed CV is available here.

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