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Research Papers & Media Articles
  • A Panorama of the Israeli Software Startup Ecosystem (March 1, 2014), SSRN:

  • VC Funds : Aging Brings Myopia, JFQA Vol. 46, No. 2, Apr. 2011, pp. 431–457

  • An Integrated Approach to VC Financing Policy: “The Plumber’s Model of Entrepreneurial Finance”, RICAFE2 WP-078, 2009

  • VCx - an Experimental Investigation of VC Myopia, WP, 2007

  • Start-up Funding Inefficiencies due to VC’s Limited Horizon, SNI STE-WP-29, 2005

  • VC’s Limited Horizon as a source of Inefficiencies, RICAFE WP-017, 2005 

  • “Entrepreneurial Finance and VC funding”, HUJ MBA, 2007-2011

  • “Entrepreneurial Finance” HUJ  E-MBA, 2010

  • "PhD seminar in Entrepreneurial Finance", Technion, 2009

  • “Entrepreneurial Finance and VC world”, Technion MBA, 2009

  • “Entrepreneurial Finance and VC world”, TAU I-MBA, 2010-2013

  • “Economics of Innovation” ORTU Montevideo, 2011-2018

  • “Entrepreneurial Finance and VC world”, BIU MBA, 2011

  • “Business Entrepreneurship”, Haifa University MBA, 2011-2012

  • “Entrepreneurial Finance and VC world”, BGU, 2012

  • “Economics of Innovation”, Technion, 2012-2015

  • “Entrepreneurial Finance”, Technion, 2012-2015

  • "Graduation Project : Global Business״, Technion, 2009-2015

  • "Entrepreneurial Economics and Finance", Technion Int'l, 2014

  • "Fundamentals of Hightech Entrepreneurship", Technion Int'l, 2014

  • "PG seminar in Entrepreneurial Finance", IITGn, 2014-2016

  • "PhD seminar in Entrepreneurial Economics", UAIC, 2014

  • "Entrepreneurial Finance", UDESA, 2018

  • "Entrepreneurial Policy Design", UDESA, 2017

  • "ESHP 190" and "FI 491", MSU, 2018-present

My academic career is interwoven with my Professional Career and is correlated with its evolution. I hold a Master in Electronics Engineering from Technical University of Iasi,  a Master in Management from Boston University and a PhD from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Public Lectures
  • Entrepreneurial Finance - Bridging Theory and Practice

  • The Genealogy of a “Start-Up Nation”

  • Is entrepreneurship only the entrepreneurs business?

  • Spelling “Entrepreneurship” in Hebrew - why replicating the Israeli experience won’t always work.

  • Sustainable Entrepreneurial Capital Formation

  • Shall EU Universities care about Entrepreneurial Capital?

  • Economics of Innovation for Policy Makers

  • Innovation Networks in European landscape

  • Thoughts & Wisdom from a Start Up Nation

  • Building a Next Gen Enterprise

  • Academic Activism and the Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

This is my Academic Vitae. My complete CV can be find here.

Awards and Grants
  • Rosenfeld Prize for Research in Innovation and Entrepreneurial International Finance, 2004

  • SNI  Grant STE-WP-29, 2005

  • EU Grant HPSE-CT-2002-00140

  • EU Grant CIT5-CT-2006-028942

Academic Programs Design & Management
  • Agro-BioTech Entrepreneurship, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • e.Xplore, e.Xcellence, e.Xpert, e.Xcert, Technion

  • eX4AC program for academics, Technion/SUC

  • STEP International Startup Summer Camp, Technion

  • IESP International Summer School, Technion

  • SUC International Summer Camp, Technion

  • JEC, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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